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Bid and Proposal Analysis

A draftsman or residential designer has finished your construction documents, commonly referred to as “CD’s”, possibly written your specifications, and again possibly sent your project out to bid or you have completed this process as well and now you patiently wait for the construction proposals to arrive. You kept seeing a clause in all the specifications that said “or equal”, but what does the “really” mean. The proposals arrive and you begin to learn the meaning of “or equal” and what it implies, especially in terms of costs.

Your (3) three bids from the plumbers all list (3) three different makes and models of plumbing fixtures. What make and model are best? Which product meets or exceeds the original specifications? Your (3) three bids for the HVAC contractors list different furnaces and apparatuses with different “SEER” numbers. What is a “SEER” and which unit is more economically efficient for your utility budget after construction is completed? The deck you wanted is over budget according to all the proposals presented. All the contractors say the composite decking is one of the reasons you are over budget. Really? Are other options given and do they satisfy your requirements of durability, maintenance, etc?

And the above scenarios continue for all the trade groups so then what? Totally rely on the contractor to produce the best value? Perform exhaustive research on the internet finding the products listed in the proposals and then finding more non-understandable jargon which then leads to more countless hours of research on the internet and the continued inability to understand further literature. For most people, in making a major item of purchase, diligent research is accomplished through various sources. Newspaper articles along with internet research are employed. Purchasing a new car means a test drive and more research and some will ultimately use a consumer reporting service to aide in their decisions.

We at William C. Young, Jr & Associates are your consumer reporting service in the construction industry. With all of the questions listed above, we provide a basic report containing information to help you make informed decisions concerning the purchase of materials and the selection of subcontractors. Our reports give you such information as;

  • Where are the plumbing fixtures made?
  • Are there any problems with the plumbing fixture vitreous china?
  • Is copper pipe better than plastic pipe?
  • What is a “SEER”? (Seasonal energy efficiency ratio)
  • How is a “SEER” calculated?
  • What does a “SEER” really mean?
  • What is the expectant life cycle of all the models proposed”
  • Did anyone suggest a different type of deck material? (Mahogany decking is approximately a nickel more per square foot cost wise and has a life expectancy of 50 years with proper protection).

The reports generated by William C. Young, Jr & Associates provide a detailed listing of products requested and by using charts, we compare side by side all the possibility of longevity, life cycle and costs. Allow the construction experience of William C. Young, Jr & Associates to work for and with you.

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