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Residential Construction Management

Are you looking to be your own general contractor in the construction of your new home or addition? Not sure where or how to the process? Have you received proposals from general contractors and have found that the prices are too high, using language in the proposal that you do not understand and yet still have this “burning desire” to be able to afford the construction of your dream project? And now that you have started the process, are you asking yourself some of the following questions?

  • How do I know if this is the proper price? Too high? Too low?
  • Are the contractors really doing the best job?
  • Is their contract fair and their payment requests appropriate?
  • How much lead time do I need to order material, especially special ordered material, and how far ahead do I need to schedule subcontractors?
  • What is the construction schedule for this project and is it reasonable?

Without the answers to these and other construction related questions, your project could turn into a disaster. You can avoid the pitfalls of such a compromising scenario by simply contacting William C. Young, Jr & Associates for your residential construction management needs. Among the responsibilities that we shoulder by being your construction manager / owners representative include;

  • On site representation to oversee your building project to completion.
  • Scheduling of all material deliveries, especially special ordered material to ensure timely delivery for the installation by the subcontractors.
  • Scheduling of all subcontractors.
  • Review of all building procedures to ensure compliance with all local building codes.
  • Review of all invoicing.
  • Review of all contracts and plans required for the project.
  • Ensure quality workmanship.
  • Help provide and select competent work crews.
  • Be your representative. Someone who knows what you want and can reasonably negotiate your requests.

And remember, construction management is based upon a fee / percentage schedule. General contractors negotiate upon Profit and Overhead. As your representative, our fees are normally located in others overhead, thereby leaving the profit for you.

Constructions Lists
One thing that makes William C. Young, Jr. & associates very popular is the wide variety of properties that we deal in. You can involve us in constructing the property right from when you develop the concept to when you start the actual implementation of the project.
Some of the work that we do includes:

  • Management of construction of Single family homes. We have a history of managing the construction of some of the most attractive and uniquely built homes. We also ensure that the contractors you have assigned the job of constructing your home do quality work and that the materials used are modern and long-lasting.
  • Commercial property renovation. In your lifetime you probably may have been into a wooden office block that is out of shape or has been completely damaged due to unforeseen circumstances such as bad weather. We have experience in reconstructing such properties in a way that they look new once again.
  • Analysis of the feasibility of constructing a given home. Some people have ended up making huge loses as a result of not consulting enough before embarking on the process of constructing a given property. For instance you may find yourself saving a lot of money by contracting us to supervise the construction of your home rather than giving out the job to property constructors who charge a lot of money. It would therefore be more viable not to tender out the job but rather do it yourself.
  • Interior furnishings of properties such as condominiums. You may have seen magnificent marble flooring condos while giving little thought about who constructed the floor. Well, we are the brains behind some of the interior décor and therefore demonstrating the quality of services we offer.

Most people that have experienced our services recommend us to their friends due to so many reasons. Firstly, we are very efficient in service delivery. Our core value in the construction process is to ensure that we satisfy all your desires and also fulfill all your expectations of us by making the entire process as hustle free as possible.
Secondly, we offer our services at a reasonable price and therefore ensure that all those seeking to construct homes have a chance to do so even when they are not wealthy.
We also deliver our work in a timely fashion. Once you contact us in any phase of implementing your construction project, we work very hard just to ensure that there are no delays and therefore your property can be ready for occupation in the soonest time possible.
One thing that makes us distinguishable from all the others is the quality of services that we offer. At William C. Young, Jr. & associates quality work is our first priority. We make it our mission to ensure that all the homes whose construction we have supervised don’t have any anomalies.
To join the growing list of people who have sought and are satisfied with our services, just pick you phone and call us and you will live a lifetime of happiness remembering how great your decision was.

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