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Material Lists / Quantity Surveys

Material Lists / Quantity Surveys are terms used to describe the types and quantities of materials used in the construction process. Depending on the request form the client, the material estimate may list factors such as species of wood, grade of lumber, etc to aide in the estimating process. The estimate starts with as much a detailed list as possible which then generates the cost estimate or budget of the project, the translating into the final budget and project costs.

Accuracy is an essential ingredient in the building process and location of materials, as stated on any accurate material lists as it allows the contractors and subcontractors to properly assign each specific item on the list to a specific location during the construction. This framing material list is essential in the rough framing stage of construction and is generated for use by the carpenters during the framing stage.

William C. Young, Jr & Associates has been preparing orderly, accurate and detailed material lists for lumber companies, carpenters and builders for over the past 25 years. Some of the advantages of having a “single source” providing a detailed material list are as follows;

  • Eliminate comparison of many estimates by many different vendors
  • Initial lists may show species of lumber, different types of doors, different screens etc. and “single source” provides what is specified by architectural specifications.
  • Lumber lists sometimes specify species of lumber, engineering ratings of the lumber used, etc for use in the building process. All these are factors in the evaluation of sound engineering practices to produce a structurally sound end product. A “single source’ knows the species required along with the engineering factors needed in the construction process. NOT ALL SPECIES OF LUMBER ARE THE SAME AND SELECTING THE INAPPROPRIATE SPECIES COUND ENDANGER THE STRUCTURAL INTERGRITY OF THE PROJECT.
  • The “single source” allows easier review of all supplied bids.
  • As an added benefit, the individual who is preparing the material lists should also be reviewing the plans for proper building code compliance for the selection and placement of the materials used in the building / construction process

Accuracy is the primary and key component in helping to ascertain the final budgeted costs for the project. By providing us with a set of construction documents, as complete as possible, we can complete the material estimate for any project. Scroll down and see a sample of the work William C. Young, Jr & Associates generates. Remember; when accuracy counts, count on us.

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