25 Years of Simply the BEST Material Take Offs
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William C. Young, Jr. & Associates | Specialists in Wood Frame Construction
Our Promise

William C. Young, Jr & Associates promises you individually hand-prepared material estimates that are accurate and detailed to the degree that support your savings and profitable sales. We put our reputation into every order.

The detail in our material estimates can be counted upon to control cost, create savings and foster quality construction, residential or commercial.

We routinely process orders on an “as received” basis.

Do your best to give us accurate and complete drawings and you will receive our best effort. We promise to work as a team for a win-win outcome.

About Us

William C. Young, Jr & Associates profitably tends to your business whether you are a lumber company, builder or your own general contractor. Experience the benefits of true quality estimating the William C. Young, Jr & Associates way. From concept to completion, the staff of William C. Young, Jr & Associates are veterans of the wood frame construction business. The owner, Bill, has planned, supervised and managed field construction projects around the globe. More importantly Bill has personally built homes. He knows his stuff from real experience and does material estimates the old fashioned, hands-on, quality way rooted in time-tested personal knowledge that creates savings and improves quality.

Material Take Offs

Seeing is believing. The sample Material Estimate order that you can scroll down and read in its on this page, shows you a sample of our estimating detail, the attention that we give to hand generated estimates that you can rely upon.

Our cost estimating detail puts savings into every project, large or small. Quality begins in design, planning and material acquisition. Every construction stage benefits from our accurate, reliable, material estimates. Make your first step a stop at William C. Young, Jr & Associates. Begin with the best. Call Bill at 410-526-5399.

Construction Managment

More future home owners are choosing to be their own general contractors. This adventure can be exciting as well as time consuming and confusing to those not born into the building trades. Contract with Bill for time-tested insider insights and assistance. Not only will you save time but also save your money while also insuring the quality of the home of your dreams. You can do it. You can do it even better with William C. Young, Jr & Associates who can oversee your actual project from start to finish, residential or commercial.


Construction Estimate and Proposal Review

For the novice, or even those with experience, constructing a project is a daunting process. With many new terms, new materials and at least three bids to analyze, it takes an experienced and seasoned person to review all aspects of the project to help determine the best materials and labor, to help stay within the confines of the proposed construction budget. You need a qualified and experienced company such as William C. Young, Jr & Associates to help review the documentation and assure compliance with project specifications and budget.

With the possibility of having discrepancies, it is important that you find experienced personnel such as William C. Young, Jr & Associates to help in the review process. Some of the things we will do in the process are;

  • Careful and detailed analysis of the entire construction proposal document
  • Inform you on the challenges that you will most probably encounter during the construction process.
  • Make adjustments to the construction estimate.
  • Help provide optimum choice of materials to maintain project value.
  • Define differences in proposals from various contractors.

At William C. Young, Jr & Associates, we have the necessary experience to help review your construction proposals. We also offer our services in a timely manner to ensure no delays. Our services are offered at reasonable prices to ensure a win-win profitable situation for both parties. By using us for your construction proposal review, you are assured of proper strategy to help reduce the cost of construction as applicable and to help ensure the lack of unforeseen challenges during the construction process.

  Residential & Commercial Construction
Cost Estimation and Material Estimates
William C. Young, Jr & Associates
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